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The courses and content that we provide


Our range of  leadership and management soft skills training courses can be delivered either as a 1 day classroom based workshop or as a 90 minute online webinar.


To find out more about each course, please click on the relevant box. You can also call us on 07801 387202 or send a message on our Contact page.

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Leadership and Management Training

Managing Remote Teams

  • The challenges of managing a remote team
  • Effective approaches to leading and managing remotely
  • How to build trust with your remote team colleagues
  • Improving your communication skills with your remote team
  • Working in a cross-cultural remote environment

Working in Remote Teams

  • The challenges if working within a remote team environment
  • How to balance the needs of your stakeholders
  • How to build trust with your colleagues and stakeholders
  • Improving your communication skills with colleagues and clients
  • Working in a cross-cultural remote environment

Negotiating & Influencing

  • Discuss the role and process of negotiations
  • Planning the negotiation process
  • Recognise a win-win situation and how to get there
  • Read the styles of those you are negotiating with
  • Avoiding the mistakes that many negotiators make

Personal Development

  • Assessing your current position against your desired position
  • Review various techniques for forward career planning
  • Giving and receiving feedback using various models
  • How to take responsibility
  • Recognising the barriers to progress and how to overcome them

Personal Resilience

  • The difference between reviewing and reacting to issues
  • Improving physical, psychological and emotional health
  • Increasing vitality, motivation and concentration skills
  • Increasing work-based engagement
  • Engaging risk mitigation measures to reduce stress

Time Management

  • How to manage yourself more effectively and setting priorities
  • How to delegate more effectively and use the 4D model
  • The importance of being able to say ‘No’ and the related impact
  • Using the pareto principle to focus on the big issues first
  • Using down time re re-energise and re-focus

Unconscious Bias

  • What unconscious bias means
  • How unconscious bias can impact on decision making
  • How to think more logically and critically
  • The dangers around prejudice and stereotyping others
  • Ways of reducing our unconscious bias at work

Coaching & Mentoring Skills

  • The benefits of coaching and mentoring your team
  • Using the GROW model to develop your skills
  • The difference between coaching and mentoring
  • Using various coaching models to aid your team development
  • Developing coaching style conversations with your team

Communication Skills

  • Why building rapport links to improving trust
  • The benefits of increased engagement
  • The impact of poor engagement
  • The downside of misinterpretation
  • The use of body language and the impact it can have

Decision Making

  • How to evaluate decisions
  • Using information and intelligence within the process
  • How to structure your approach towards decision making
  • How to establish options before taking your final decision
  • Reviewing and recording your decisions

Emotional Intelligence

  • Enhancing your communication skill through improved EQ
  • How emotionally intelligent leaders look and behave
  • How to become more self-aware
  • How to manage your own emotions and those of others
  • The link between emotions, actions and wellbeing

Handling Difficult Conversations

  • Identify what constitutes a difficult conversation
  • Using emotional intelligence to deal with difficult conversations
  • Use different tools and models to provide feedback
  • Using assertiveness to obtain a positive outcome
  • Establishing what win-win means for both parties
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