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Training Strategy and Policy Development

Training Strategy and Policy Development

A holistic training solution wouldn’t be holistic if it didn’t include the strategy and policies that support training outputs. With this in mind, Carmdale has the expertise to support you in the development and provision of your organisational Training Strategy where you feel this is appropriate. This is achieved by working closely with you to understand your organisation and link training strategy to your business goals, key performance indicators and workforce talent. In doing so, creating a clear line of sight from your business goals to measurable performance in the workplace.

We can also couple Training Strategy with new Training Policies bespoke to you and your organisational requirements. These can include:

  • Training Management Plans – Overarching or project specific
  • Training Quality Manuals – Conforming to international standards
  • Training Evaluation Strategy – Covering Internal Validation, testing and assessment, as well as External Validation through On the Job Training.

You as a Learning Organisation

The concept of a learning organisation has developed over the last fifty years as attempts are made to identify the key characteristics of successful companies and organisations. These are companies that are successful over time, both in the public and private sector.

The implementation of a holistic training solution will enable your organisation to refine its approach and reinforce its status as a learning organisation. This will enable you to:

  • Provide a learning infrastructure that is accessible in terms of time and location, with adequate opportunity for sharing of knowledge with others
  • Demonstrate strong links between education, training and development, and career progression for all your staff
  • Enable the use of a variety of development methods for staff; including coaching in the workplace, mentorship, as well as formal education and training, aimed at enabling your staff to progress their careers and build on their skills and expertise
  • Underpin your learning and development with regular, effective evaluation and monitoring of learning activity
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