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Holistic Training Solutions

What is holistic Training Planning?

Carmdale provides a full and in-depth Training Planning service which conforms to ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management guidelines. Our process recognises the nature of the Training Cycle, working with you to identify, through focussed Training Needs Analysis, whether performance improvements can be achieved through specific training interventions at different levels within your organisation.

This analysis, which starts with a simple Scoping Study and can include both a comprehensive performance analysis as well as the learning need analysis, determines whether a training programme is required. Once training is identified, Carmdale’s Design and Development process commences, working with your own teams to refine the training solutions and, in doing so, ensuring they are bespoke to your organisation.

SAT – A Systems Approach to Training

The Systems Approach to Training utilised by Carmdale is an internationally recognized Quality Management (QM) compliant (ISO 9001:2008) approach to training; it is supported by a classical Instructional Systems Design (ISD) model to meet the Analysis, Design, Development, Delivery and Evaluation requirements of the training solution. This process enables measurements to be taken of the effectiveness of the training solution provided to you from the outset, from initial analysis of need, to transfer of learning into the workplace.

The Systems Approach to Training process is founded on fundamental principles, which in summary are about ensuring that the solutions(s) delivered to you are:

  • Developing your staff within their roles
  • Formally authorised and resourced
  • Derived from an analysis of operational/workplace requirements
  • Designed to achieve Training Objectives (TOs) based on a Training Needs Analysis
  • Endorsed by you
  • Achieving TOs by the most efficient and effective use of training resources
  • Incorporating an evaluation strategy to assess the efficiency and effectiveness of the analysis, design and delivery of training in meeting your operational requirements
  • Kept current by applying results of validation/evaluation activity
  • Complying with all current and relevant legislation
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