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LeaderCirclesBeing a leader can be a lonely business. Not to mention full of challenges. When it comes right down to it regardless of the type of business you are in management and entrepreneurial challenges, are often the same. How to recruit people? How to raise your company profile? How to organise the work to be scalable? These are just a few of the questions most companies face.

Taking time out to do formal management training to answer all of these questions can be costly in both time and money. Sometimes though, a 2 day workshop is really not the kind of help that is needed. Managers just need down time to ponder the issue and get a few suggestions from other people. Not only that, if you could do all that within a network of other managers, then you will have the opportunity to build alliances and solve problems at the same time.

If you or someone you know would like to find out more about this approach to management support and networking, check out www.leadercircles.com

If you would like to join a Leader Circle, you can register today for our next event, which takes place on the morning of 22nd April 2016 at the Basepoint Business Centre, Basingstoke, Hampshire.

We are of course always happy to discuss your own specific requirements concerning availability with you, and can look at alternative dates and locations for these events that meet your own needs. Further events are currently anticipated throughout 2016, so please feel free to indicate your own availability by visiting the website events page.

These events are hosted by Carmdale in partnership with POSE http://www.ipose.co

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