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Team Coaching

For teams or groups with common goals

Team Coaching

For teams or groups with common goals, aspirations and targets, Carmdale’s team coaches will help take your team to the next level, enhancing overall performance and helping to create improved team morale, outputs and productivity.  Our team coaches will improve togetherness and show you how the ‘whole’ can be significantly greater than the sum of its parts.

“What limited research there has been on efforts to help teams shows that team-bonding and team-building exercises do not deliver sustainable and lasting improvement to team performance, but that a sustained coaching approach…can create sustained performance improvement.” – Clutterbuck and Wageman et al 2008.

Team coaching enables a team to out-perform the sum of its parts and is suitable for teams operating at all levels.  It is about having a vision and building on potential.  It is about working out what you want and then systematically achieving that through creating new goals and achieving them together – proving the value of having a team rather than a collective of individuals.

With team coaching there is a purpose resulting in the team members jointly setting goals to develop skills, enhance performance and/or develop personally and professionally.  Our coaching looks to the future to effect change in a positive way, facilitating the growth of the team to work positively the problems that it faces.

How our team coaching works

Teams are more motivated when they believe that what they are doing is beneficial and tied into their reason for being.  Carmdale recognises that individuals are more likely to embrace the goals that they have helped to set.  By working closely with the team and the team’s sponsor, we will help to create a positive atmosphere and culture within the team so that once the coach moves away, the desire and future potential successes remain embedded.

Our coach will not only help your team’s to reflect on the recent past (and its recent performance and achievements) but we will also enable the team to create new ways of thinking, including shifting the frames of reference they are using to make sense of their collective experience.

As part of their role, the coach may help to resolve conflict or difficulties, provide objectivity on the decisions and options taken by the team, help with planning and provide a sounding-board for ideas.  In this form of team coaching, our coach will have sufficient experience of team leadership to bring value and experience to the team.

We will attach a coach to your team and they will work with the team as a consultant by providing objective advice and feedback as the team goes about its business.  They can be a sounding board, sit in on team meetings and provide an external, objective point of view, preventing the team from becoming tunnel-visioned and insular.

Our consultant coach will help diagnose the problems and suggest the way forward, which can either be directly to the team as they progress, or, as a final report to the organisation.

The role of the coach will be to increase performance and outputs, make the team more efficient and learn how to work more effectively together, for the time when the coach is no longer present.

Our coach will help the team towards managing all those processes by providing direction and focus, and objective feedback as required.

We can organise and facilitate team building events to suit your requirements and we would be happy to discuss your ideas – then just leave the rest to us to organise and lead it.  Our coaches would attend the event and facilitate the smooth-running of the team-building, providing objectivity and encouraging the team players to play their part, engage and share their views.

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