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Life Coaching

For improvement in any area of your life

Life Coaching

Do you have specific areas of your life that you wish to improve?  Are you looking to enhance your performance, well-being, health, fitness, levels of motivation, or simply achieve some particular goal?  If so, our life coaching may be what you need as it is aimed at individuals who either have some specific area(s) of their personal life that they wish to enhance or improve, or individuals who wish to generally improve many aspects of their overall life over a period of time.  Our coaches will tailor a coaching programme to suit your individual needs.

Life coaching is about helping you to reach a level of happiness and confidence in particular areas of your life, by reaching the personal goals and targets that you are striving to achieve.  By discussing with your coach those areas that you wish to improve, it can help to bring a sense of clarity to your issues and provide you with the confidence needed to make those positive steps.

Life coaches will not make judgements and will help you to discover your own solutions without telling you what to do.  They will also keep your confidence and treat their working relationship with you as both professional and confidential.

As an individual, you are unique – a combination of your biological make-up, your experiences, morals and circumstances.  A Life coach will work within your existing capabilities, helping you to improve so that the boundaries of those capabilities are increased with each coaching session.

Why might you want a life coach?

You may have some personal goals and targets that, for whatever reason, you cannot achieve on your own.  You may have tried a number of times and given up, or there may be something within your skills or make-up that is inhibiting your chances of success.

For example, you might really want to lose weight, get fitter, climb a mountain, set up your own business, do some public speaking, change jobs, achieve promotion, ask someone out on a date, but, there is always something in the way, something ‘blocking’ you from your success.  It could be your confidence, your motivation, your skills or abilities or your decision-making that is keeping you from that next level of achievement, or it could be something that you are not fully aware of.

With a coach, you can explore all the options and get the support you need to make all the difference.  You can certainly be whoever and whatever you want to be, without going it all alone.

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