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Business Coaching

One to one coaching for managers and employees

Business Coaching

Whether you are running your own business or are an employee within any size of organisation, our Business Coaching is designed to enhance specific areas of your work performance.  You will receive one-to-one coaching with your own personal coach who will also have significant experience in leadership and management.  Your coach will work with you to help you to achieve specific work targets and objectives, or to raise your levels of personal performance across a number of key competencies.

A business coach can be brought in by an organisation to coach employees towards achieving their next level of performance.  They may also be used by individuals to enhance their own performance in their place of work, which can put them in a better position for job prospects and promotions.  Finally, our business coaches can work with the business owners to enable them to do what is best for the organisation.

From the organisational perspective, if you bring in a Carmdale coach, we can use the ‘fresh pair of eyes’ approach to work with you and your people, to bring out the best in terms of achieving the goals and targets that you and your organisation aspire to.  We’ll help you and your people to focus on your individual roles and what you need to be doing to contribute towards the overall objectives of the organisation.

An external coach brings a fresh perspective on people and events in the organisation. This means we can notice patterns and make connections that are not apparent to those on the inside.  Our coaches can act as valuable sounding boards and can help you to consider the impacts of options and decisions, or just find new and better ways of doing thing.

Our coaches will help you to make improvements and changes so that you and your business perform at a much higher level with the added benefit of continuous organisational growth. Business coaching is typically a 1-to-1 approach and each individual will have the full attention of the coach during each session.  We can provide multiple coaches if you have a number of people who require coaching, or if you prefer the same coach, we can arrange a full coaching programme.  Suffice to say that discussions between a coach and their individual coachee will remain confidential between the two, even though others within the same organisation may be receiving similar coaching from Carmdale.

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