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Your Partner In Developing Your People

Carmdale is a very successful leadership and management training company which was formed in March 2011. Over the last 9 years the training team and our associates have successfully delivered face to face coaching and training services across the UK, USA, the Middle East and Africa.


Carmdale also brings together the latest management thinking, leadership theory and business strategies, using them collectively to transform personal, team and organisational performance.


We deliver a wide variety of leadership and management soft skills courses which have been designed to meet the ever-changing needs of business professionals. Carmdale offers leadership soft skills classroom based workshops and online webinars. Our courses are continuously reviewed ensuring that the content is the very latest and therefore providing delegates and their organisations with competitive advantage.

Rob Hoblin MBA MA FCMI

Owner and Director

Rob had a successful career as a senior leader and manager which is reflected in his strong strategic focus, people management skills and comprehensive knowledge of face to face training, coaching and mentoring. He is personable, diligent and likes to motivate those around him to improve processes, streamline operations and increase business revenue.


He is an entrepreneur who, through his training and coaching delivery, is dedicated to developing team members’ strengths to build dynamic and high performing teams.  He successfully uses his transformational leadership skills to turn teams around and achieve results. He is an excellent communicator, capable of representing an organisation at all levels and is able to deliver in the face of constant challenge in a fast moving, constantly changing business environment.


Skills Summary:


Emotional Intelligence Practitioner

Leadership & Management

Executive & Team Coaching


Customer Relations

Business Continuity

Corporate Governance

Operational Assurance

Organisational Development

Programme & Project Management

Training Needs Analysis

Training Design

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