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Carmdale’s Story

Carmdale is a leadership and management training company which was formed in March 2011. Over the last 6 years the training team and our associates have successfully delivered coaching and training services across the UK, the Middle East and Africa.

Our key aim is to work in partnership with clients to meet individual, team and organisational business objectives. We achieve this through the delivery of either off the shelf or bespoke training packages.

In the next few years Rob and the team are looking to focus on training and coaching within the Berkshire and Hampshire region in particular and we look forward to providing local solutions for local business needs.

Rob Hoblin

Rob Hoblin


Rob is a highly effective senior management professional who is innovative and creative in solving complex strategic, tactical and operational problems. A seasoned security operator, having worked in senior positions in large and small security-oriented organisations, Rob is also a qualified trainer and coach who now dedicates himself to bringing organisations at every management level to the next phase of development and growth.

A successful career as a leader and manager is reflected in Rob’s strong strategic focus, people management skills and comprehensive knowledge of policing, border services and security related matters, skills and experience he effectively brings to bear during his training, coaching and mentoring activities. He is personable, diligent and motivates those around him to improve processes, streamline operations and increase revenue.

An entrepreneur who, through his training and coaching delivery, is dedicated to developing team members’ strengths to build dynamic and highly-performing teams who surpass their organisational goals, he successfully uses his transformational leadership skills to turn teams around and achieve results. An excellent communicator, capable of representing an organisation at all levels, he is able to deliver in the face of constant challenge in a fast moving, security-oriented or business environment.

Rob has provided leadership and direction across a diverse range of business functions over a successful career spanning thirty years. He has led on core business functions which have included performance measurement, risk management, corporate governance, business planning and customer relationship management. He has also led on the design of numerous promotion processes, negotiated service level agreements with customers, been responsible for Information Security, Business Continuity and Operational Assurance, as well as having been instrumental in negotiating key cross government contracts at Ministerial level. He has also operated for 5 years as a Subject Matter Expert to a Government Agency Management Board and as a liaison officer to the British Army’s Anti-Terrorist Training and Advisory Team.

Rob has been awarded an MA in International Studies through Kings College London as well as an MBA through the Open University, and was selected for and successfully completed a one year academic course at the UK Royal College of Defence Studies, with his research focussed on foreign policy as it related to international policing assistance overseas.

In April 2014 Rob joined Carmdale as a Director. Since then he has worked on a training needs analysis delivery in Saudi Arabia, delivered numerous leadership and management training outputs in the UK and Abu Dhabi, and is now working on the delivery of key training packages for UK and overseas use.

Skills Summary

Leadership & Management, Executive and Team Coaching, Mentoring, Customer Relations, Business Continuity, Corporate Governance, Operational Assurance, Organisational Development, Programme and Project Management, Training Needs Analysis, Training Design, Development and Delivery, Large Group Facilitation and Experiential Learning.

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